BellatRx Overview

BellatRx is a leading manufacturer of complete lines and packaging equipment serving a broad range of industries including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, chemical, and cosmetics and personal care for solid products, liquids, powders, and granules.

Our packaging lines are designed to meet your packaging operation’s requirements for small batches to large production lines with speed, efficiency, flexibility and ease of changeover in mind. Your packaging line will be integrated with expansion capabilities to keep pace with your company’s growing demands.

BellatRx’s turnkey packaging solutions include: unscramblers, counters, liquid fillers, auger fillers, cappers, desiccant inserters, cotton insertion, induction sealers, retorquers for caps, labelers, banders for tamper evident shrink sleeve and full stretch sleeve, inspection systems, detection systems, end-of-line equipment, conveyors, turntables, accumulating / surge tables, line integration, and product recovery.

Our customer base ranges from small start-up companies to large multinationals including contract manufacturers.

For Capping applications including over-capping, plugging, press-on, roll-on, screw, and speciality applications such as dispensers, pumps, and fitments, we have several models including the CPC Capper designed for the cosmetic and personal care markets and the Magna Capper for large caps and containers.

When it comes to Filling, BellatRx offers an extensive range of equipment for inline and Monobloc applications. For solid dose tablet counting, our Rx-12 high-speed tablet counter and our Rx-Fill series handle applications up to 240 cpm with accurate counts. The Rx-Desiccant PLUS is the only machine on the market that inserts pre-cut pouches and canisters. Depending on the application, we use auger, count, vibratory, or volumetric filling. Our Monobloc equipment includes our RC Cappers for high-speed production and can be combined with filling.

Our Notaris Labeling solutions for pressure sensitive labels cover just about any application including wrap, panel, top and bottom, front and back, and print and apply.

If defective products getting to the marketplace is a concern for you, our Sentinel Automatic Quality Inspection System centralizes almost everything you can inspect for in one central location using interchangeable modules. Standard inspections available include bar code, empty bottle, height / level, label presence, cotton, skewed or missing cap, band, foil, leaflet, tip and a Vision system for LOT and EXP.

Burdened by Recovery of product to be recovered or product bulking? Increase your company’s productivity and reduce cost and waste associated with product dumping and reprocessing with our Bottle RecoveRx recovery systems.

Our markets include: oil, water, cosmetics, toiletries, soap, paint pigments, sauces including chocolate and honey, clinical diagnostic solutions and buffers, dental powder, sterile environments, spices, creams, bio / diagnostics, coconut oil, linden oil, moisturizers, vinegar, corrosive chlorine environment, liquid vitamins, fitments for flexible packaging, dressings, tablets, soft gels, hair color, protein powder, diagnostic blood test product, laundry detergent, dish soap, protein powders, intrinsically safe, nail polish, eardrops, laundry soap, animal vitamins and supplements, lotions, scents, creamers, fish oil capsules, nuts, candles, clean rooms, capsules, hard gels, and caplets.