Message from our president

Alan Shuhaibar


The milk was spilled, stop crying about it.
It is time to get past it and move forward.

Covid-19 did happen, it is here! The pre-Covid economy has changed.

It is time for entrepreneurs and business leaders to forge a path forward.

I don’t intend to rehash all that has been said about the magnitude, severity, and impact that Covid-19 has had on our societies, businesses, and the very social and economic fabric of nations around the world. I will not go over the statistics, the science or the politics. We have all been and continue to be inundated with information, opinions and sound bites that point in every direction, except one.


I have been an entrepreneur and a business owner for almost 20 years. I don’t believe that this path found me by accident. I am not smarter than others, and certainly not more knowledgeable, stronger, or luckier. Rather, like many who chose entrepreneurship or became business leaders, I have a drive to always find a path forward regardless of the terrain.

I must give a standing ovation to all the healthcare workers around the world who willingly put themselves in harm’s way to help others. To all the policy makers who had to navigate what needs to be done during these uncertain times. To economists and fiscalists who were faced with this unprecedented event and tried to keep our systems from collapsing. There are too many heroic people who were instrumental in getting us to this point who are worthy of all our gratitude, and to all of them I say a sincere thank you.

It is now our turn

Entrepreneurs and business owners now have the floor. It is time to do our part. I get it, the medical, political, scientific and economic communities have large roles to play as the world stumbles out of a few months of hibernation. There is a great deal of uncertainty about what kind of world we are faced with as the lockdowns are relaxed. Invariably the pre-Covid-19 reality we once knew and enjoyed has been disrupted, and for many uprooted. Entrepreneurs and business leaders are once again called upon to navigate through the fog and find a new path forward for their businesses and for the people (and their families) in their care.

Find The Facts

Do not give-in to hype. I refuse to be resigned to the doom and gloom predictions which are hurled from every direction. I believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of our economy, our businesses, and our people. I urge you to be informed, but not swayed. Bad news is buffeting us constantly from every direction these days. Media outlets from all sides are acting as if they are competing for which one has more dire warning and foretells of the gloomiest outlook. Switch all this noise off, and focus on facts, not opinions.

Facts are hard to find, however, we all have the instinct to find them. Focus on facts, and shut-out the rest.

Overcome Fear

Let us put aside the fear, our own and that of our teams. There are no guarantees in life, but there is mutual trust, and professional interdependency among colleagues. If all members of the team do their part to move the organization forward, and ensure that they act in a manner which protects themselves, and people around them, then fear is abated.

Reconcile With Uncertainty

Lets us conquer uncertainty. Remember why we became entrepreneurs and business leaders. The outcomes of our professional decisions have always been far from certain, and yet, we have continued to move forward. Question, but do not doubt. It is time to re-examine how things are done and find better, more efficient ways, which are compatible with our new reality. Don’t doubt the fundamentals. A business needs a solid product which solves a problem for a group of customers, at a price-point which produces a positive return for that group. We need to support our customers before, during and after the sales process. We need to get creative on how to do that in this new era, but the fundamentals are still valid.

Look beyond the crisis

I dare say that the one thing that is certain that this crisis will be over. This difficult period will pass, maybe with some ups and downs along the day, but it will end. Entrepreneurs, and business leaders need to look past this obstacle in their path, and navigate a path forward. We need to take this as an opportunity to re-tune our businesses to be more efficient, more competitive, more attuned to the changing demand and plot a course past this crisis. It is clear that the path is not going to be the same path we were on prior to this crisis. It may be fraught with challenges and uncomfortable organizational change, but it is still a path forward.

I urge entrepreneurs and business leaders to recognize that the spotlight is now shining bright on us. The economy needs us now. The stage is ours, and we will be judged on our performance. We have a responsibility to all of our stakeholders to shepherd them through this difficult time. We have a role to play in re-shaping our businesses to minimize the downward pressures and maximize the upside. Our stakeholders and getting their queues from us. In every crisis, there are opportunities which can propel a business forward. It is imperative to recognize these opportunities for our businesses, grasp onto them, embrace them, and navigate our businesses forward.

Alan Shuhaibar
B.Eng, MBA