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Automatic Quality Inspection System

August 2007 - The Sentinel Modular Inspection System brings a new level of quality control to your packaging line. Operating at speeds up to 120 bottles per minute, this versatile system can inspect various packaging features such as cap, cotton, label or leaflet with a multitude of container sizes and closure types. The Sentinel is easily integrated into an existing packaging line and was designed to be placed either at the end of a line or immediately after a specific piece of equipment.

With intuitive touch screen controls, this state-of-the-art inspection system can be reconfigured based on the batch at the time. Setup is quick and easy as self diagnostics eliminate manual error and all adjustments are marked with scales ensuring accurate placement.

Simply undergo a calibration procedure and then press “arm” and the system is ready to operate. Data on number of rejects, consecutive rejects and reject monitoring all can be compiled and viewable on screen, and then sent through a network to a specific computer or printer-allowing quality control issues to be detected and eliminated early.

The Sentinel is equipped with safety guarding to protect operators and prevent access to adjustment points.