For Immediate Release

Gemini-System - Increase Packaging Line Efficiency with a Dual-Lane Feed System

September 2007 - The Gemini-System from BellatRx adds efficiency to any dual lane packaging line as it combines the output of two tablet fillers onto a single packaging line, mitigating tablet filling bottlenecks. Operating at speeds up to 150 bottles per minute, the Gemini-System allows users to fully utilize the packaging equipment’s operating capacity. PLC controlled with built-in start, backup and gating systems allows for fluid operation and smooth integration with tablet filling lines.

The Gemini-System’s offers raised-bed conveyors and a sanitary stainless steel construction for a GMP design which facilitates cleaning and minimizes product entrapment. This versatile system works with a multitude of bottle shapes and sizes such as round, rectangular, square and oblong from 1” to 4”. Setup is achieved in minutes with tool-less adjustments and numerical dial indicators. Encoding sensors provide container position information throughout the filing process.

Optional GMP troughing located under the conveyor is available to house power, controls and airlines, further reducing interconnection exposure and further improving cleanability.