For Immediate Release

New BellatRx Rx-Fill Launched at Pack Expo Vegas - Small batch tablet count and fill system

October 2007 - The BellatRx Rx-Fill is a versatile tablet count and fill system which can be configured for manual, semi-automatic and automatic production runs. The sleek design of the RX-Fill offers minimal change parts for an even quicker changeover which is ideal for small batch production runs.

Speeds up to 25 bottles per minute at 100 count are achievable on the Rx-Fill. With a small footprint, the expandable design of the RX-Fill allows you to increase the output of your packaging operation simply by kitting counters together. The Rx-TwinFill and Rx-QuadFill configuration offer a cell of two or four counters respectively, capable of operating in unison to achieve higher speeds.

Set-up and operation are simplified with the Rx-Fill’s intuitive touch screen controls. Product and container recipes can be saved into memory to allow for rapid changeover of production runs.

The Rx-Fill counts a variety of product from 2mm to 40mm into a vast range of containers including round, rectangular, square and oblong from 1” to 4” high.