For Immediate Release

Lisa Barbieri

New BellatRx Secure Chuck Capper
Economical. Mobile. Small Footprint.

Introduced at Pack Expo Vegas 2009, the Secure Chuck Capper is raising the bar on value for the customer as there is no capper on the market that combines price, size and functionality like the Secure Chuck Capper. This inline capping machine applies and torques closures onto containers at 100 BPM.

Less than 36” wide, the small footprint allows this capper to integrate into the smallest space. Mounted on castors, the Secure Chuck Capper can be moved from one line to another as the packaging operation requires.

Changeover is simplified due to scaled settings and the standard touch screen controls where recipes can be stored. The Secure Chuck Capper is designed with an electronic lift—available through the touch screen—for varying bottle heights; up to 12” high. It is designed for round, square, rectangular and oblong bottles 1” to 4” in size and standard sized closures (regular and child resistant plastic or metal) up to 2.5” diameter.

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