Sentinel is an automated system designed to eliminate defective products from getting to the marketplace caused by human or machine error. The system centralizes almost all of the different inspections being done into one location, typically downstream of a piece of equipment or at the end of a line.

Using Vision and Sentinel Passports – interchangeable modules that inspect for a wide array of product and packaging characteristics including: cap presence, skewed cap, cotton presence, high cotton, foil presence, fill level, label presence, tamper evident band, leaflet presence, and lot expiration code for both presence and accuracy. The Sentinel provides statistics on rejection for each item inspected.

Features & Benefits:
  • Eliminate sub-optimal product escapes from your packaging lines
  • Avoid customer complaints
  • Mitigate costly product recalls due to faulty packaging
  • Increase the reliability of your packaging lines
  • Reduce your quality control costs
Standard Specifications:
  • Speeds up to 300 cpm
  • Round, rectangular, square, oblong, 1” to 4” by 2” to 7” H. containers
  • Standard, CRC, metal, and snap-on closures
  • Constructed of anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and approved plastics